Hornitos Platas Ad and Persuasion


Hornitos Platas Ad

The consumer goods’ ads that were in the publication I looked through were mostly for different brands of alcohol. This one specifically that I’ve chosen to talk about is an advertisement for Hornitos Plata, a tequila product made by Hornitos, which is affiliated with Suaza Tequila. Pictured on the is a bottle of Hornitos Plata on top of a wooden table. Next to the bottle are two, filled shot glasses, side-by-side, with a portion of lime fixed between the bottle and shot glasses of tequila. In the top right quadrant of the print ad, above the shot glasses, are three phrases that say “For when she’s just not any girl next door,” “Hornitos 100% Puro Agave Tequila,” and “Not just any tequila.”

Persuasive Techniques used:

            Pure persuasion, as defined by Robert H. Gass and John S. Seiter’s book “Persuasion: Social Influence and Compliance Gaining,” is “clear-cut cases of persuasion.” (48) Pure persuasion is generally what is used in most advertisements that sell consumer goods like clothing and alcohol. This is the type of persuasion used for this Hornitos ad, as do many other brands that sell spirits of this sort.

            The Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion, one of the models that Gass and Seiter talk about in the text, is a theory about persuasion that was developed by Richard Petty and John Cacioppo,  that proposes the idea of there being two routes of persuasion: central processing (or the central route) and peripheral processing (or the peripheral route).

            In this advertisement, Hornitos decided to take the peripheral route as a means of persuading consumers to buy their product. The advertisement requires low involvement from the reader, as it has only a few phrases that are easy to read and understand, and a picture of the product they are promoting. They also make a good decision having their ad in a publication of Playboy Magazine, because they share a similar target audience as Playboy, being adult males, alongside other ads that exist in the magazine as well. For example, Evan Williams, a producer of Kentucky Bourbon, also has an ad in the publication as the target audience they cater to falls in line with that of both Playboy and Hornitos.

The ethicality of this ad:

            In thinking and speaking about the ethicality of this advertisement, I believe that Hornitos’ approach is inherently ethical, however, with their choice to use the phrase “For when she’s not just any girl next door,” I believe the morality of it can come into question. Putting it together with the phrase “Not just any tequila” does sort of adding an idea that this is a very good tequila that one might want to share with a female that they feel strong desires toward. However, if they had only included the phrase on their own, the message they try to send might be interpreted differently, especially with the prevalence of date rape in our society and the role alcohol plays in it happening.


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