Tristan Alcorta – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Tristan Alcorta was born on the island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands on June 1st, 1999, and spent the majority of his life there. Growing up in St. Thomas, Tristan attended All Saints Cathedral School, where he graduated in 2017, and participated in many extracurricular activities like soccer, football, and quiz bowl, as well as being an active member in his school’s Interact Club and National Honor Society. Outside of school Tristan enjoys going to the beach, scuba diving, fishing, boating with his friends, playing and listening to music, and enjoying the local eateries.

Tristan in his steel pan days

Music has always had a big presence in Tristan’s life. Having a Jamaican mother and Cuban father exposed him to various genres like reggae, dancehall, salsa, and reggaeton, in addition to the local music in the Virgin Islands, being soca and calypso. Tristan also has an affinity for learning new instruments.

Tristan's first time playing the banjo

At 8 years old Tristan started learning how to play the piano, and since then he has learned how to play the guitar, steel pan, harmonica, mandolin, and most recently, the bass. In the future, Tristan has dreams of having a job that is involved with music and the music industry.

Currently, Tristan is in his fourth year at Drake University. In his first year at Drake, he was pursuing a degree in Computer Science, but going into his Sophomore year he decided to switch his major from Computer Science to Digital Media Production because of his to work in video production, which he hopes to combine with his love for music to start a production company involved with making music videos. In addition to changing his major, Tristan also added a Rhetoric minor and a concentration in Leadership.

At Drake, Tristan is involved in a few different student organizations; the Drake Broadcasting System, the Optimist Club, and the Theta Chi Fraternity. During his time at Drake and in the Theta Chi Fraternity, Tristan has been a productive member of the house, serving in the roles of Chaplain and Social Chair.

Right now you can catch Tristan in one of two places. On Monday through Thursday, you can find him at his house on Zoom for class, and on Friday through Sunday, you can find him at Hy-Vee working in the meat department helping customers and keeping the case stocked.

Thus ends the wonderful biography of the individual formerly known as Tristan Alcorta. The End.

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